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We are Hyderabad's award winning creative agency, specializing in promoting your brand message through paper cups advertising.

Our core capabilities

User design

Our design services give brands a recognizable presence in the market. Right from brand definition to delivery, we stand by you to create a strong brand.

Brand communication

From concept to delivery we bring brand to life through user experiences and content.

Brand survey

We audit your brand, to gain a fundamental understanding of where your brand stands in its current state.

Brand promotion

Using paper cups and digital media, we help create visibility to your brands. Our flagship method will help your brand create a buzz in quick time.

Why cup advertising


Exposure time: 15-30 seconds
Customer acquisition cost:High
Brand Recall:Medium


Exposure time: 250-300 seconds
Customer acquisition cost:Low
Brand recall:High
Users:Targeted customers


Exposure time: 5-20seconds
Customer acquisition cost:Medium
Brand Recall:Medium
Users:Targeted customers

Achievements & Rewards

Best Startup Idea Award 2019

An award in recognization for the best market product with strong business strategy,organised by IPE-Hyderabad & National level startup forum.

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